Sehgahunda Trail Marathon Relay

Race #5 for 2012

My friend Jenn and I ran the Sehgahunda Trail Marathon Relay – I ran the 1st leg which totaled 15.4 Miles (the longest race i’ve done yet!). She ran the 2nd which was 10.9 miles – totaled 26.3.

The race didn’t go as well as I had hoped, but we both finished which is the important part. I’ll just say the last 5  miles of my race was rough… some falls (3) and leg and foot cramps. But I kept running, even when my legs didn’t want to. Jenn did awesome though, she had a great race. Plus finished running up a giant hill.

I learned a couple lessons… I should carry water/use a belt, and I should eat something and take my time at the checkpoints. Im so used to running right by water stations for shorter races, usually never drink anything. Thought my body could suck it up and endure whatever I put it through. I think I had 2 cups of gatorade for the entire 15.4 miles. Definitely was not enough. Plus it was like 80 degrees. Super nice day though.

Overall we still did pretty good – here’s the results:

Finished 26.3 miles in 5:12:05
78th overall out of 210
28th team out of 62

Our friends who also ran killed the race with a 8th overall finish and 5th for teams – time of 4:04:40. So jealous!!

Before we started the race we were talking about doing the full marathon next year (or it could technically be an Ultra seeing that its 26.3…. ha). But after my race I was doubting wanting to even do the relay again. Now that I’ve been thinking about it though – I would do the Marathon. I need to get my revenge on the trails, now that I know what I did wrong. Plus by next year i’ll have a couple more half marathons and first 2 marathons under my belt. So yeah – we’ll see. The end.


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