STAPLES Chase corporate challenge

I think we should win award for most awesome.

Overall we did pretty good – our time as a mixed team was 2:18:39 – Team results posted here.
Their were 9,967 people from 399 companies.

**an update – they finally posted team results – we placed 61 out of 111 mixed teams.

I’m sad we didn’t get a sweet team photo… so these will have to do for now.

This is race #6 for me this year.
So far I’ve raced 40.9 miles this year – shooting for at least 100 miles.

My results for this race:

3.5 miles — 23:38 / 6:45 min mile pace
24th female — out of 5,469
235 overall — out of 9,964

Next race is another dirt cheap trail race in a couple weeks – but a couple races pending before that. TBD.

oh yeah! and I just signed up for the Shoreline Half Marathon which is next month.

The End.


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