Shoreline Half-Marathon

So I ran the Shoreline Half-marathon this morning, along with Kyle and 2 friends. This was my 3rd half. Holy cow… it was hard. It wasn’t too hot, but it was sunny, and in the middle of nowhere, and the roads were so straight. I think someone could have gone crazy. It was a true mental test.

I can’t remember what I thought about… I mostly just count… So exciting. Count to 100, then start all over again.

They did an early start for those who might take longer, which was cool.  I don’t think I would have done as well if this guy didn’t tell me I was 3rd female when I went by him around mile 8 or 9. After hearing that I just couldn’t let anyone pass. I ended up being 2nd female and  accomplished 2 goals in this race – Here’s the results:

I was 44th overall — out of 333 people
2nd female overall– out of 165 (my goal was to be top 3 female)
1st in my age group– out of 33
Time — 1:40.26 / 7:40 min. mile pace (new PR — beat my rochester half marathon time of 1:41.27 – by a minute exactly pretty much)

Kyle also did awesome for it being his first half-marathon. Also crazy for going to work right after (awesome tattoo artist).

Running is a crazy thing.

Oh yeah- I forgot to mention the dirt cheap race #4 this past wednesday. I’ll keep it short by saying it went well. Results are here.

The end. My calves hurt.


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