ok foot… here’s a week off…

I’ve had top of foot pain and some arch pain for a while now – but never hurt while running. The first steps in the morning are always the worst then goes away quickly. But now to add to that, my achilles hurts… on the same foot. I blame the half marathon. I ellipticalled yesterday, and also went for a 5 mile run. After the run was the deciding point that I need my foot to get better or i’ll never be able to get in some longer runs before chicago.

Also a good time to take some time off because my friend Jenn that I run with is away for 2 weeks… so no peer pressure to run. I will be on the elliptical as much as possible tho. I hate the elliptical…

On a more exciting note – I made camping reservations for the Adirondacks on Heart Lake. Kyle and I plan on hiking a couple high peeks, which are to be decided. Most likely Mt. Marcy, and I really want to hike the Gothics. But we’ll see. I hiked Lower Wolfjaw last year with Jenn, it rained the entire time. I’m hoping for better weather this year. I don’t think I ever mentioned my non-running goal of being an Adirondack 46er. Got a long ways to go.

I made this checklist last year to keep track of things.

Also ordered another pair of shoes to add to my New balance Minimus collection –  I ordered the road version of the NB Zero’s. I plan on them being my marathon shoe.


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