Goin pro

Gotta look like a pro before you can be one…I suppose. Im sure not many of you care that I just ordered these awesome compression shorts. They’re CW-X pro shorts… which I’ve never tried before, but all the reviews I read were convincing enough to buy both of these. I justify the money spent by saying i’ll use them for Chicago, so hope they’re good.

I managed to get in 29 miles of mostly elliptical last week, I ran once to try out my new shoes. But enough of this no running nonsense – stubborn foot feels pretty much the same. I might try adding some yoga to my routine, since I never stretch… and I hate yoga. but maybe it’ll do something good. I managed to do an hour of P90-X yoga today… Also did 10 miles of elliptical at the gym this morning… and plans to run 5 miles tonight. Pretty successful day.

According to my Chicago training schedule I should run 51 miles this week.

Also have 2 races coming up next week – Dirt cheap #5, and a 5k around my town.



3 responses

  1. I recently started wearing compression shorts. I actually just posted about to wear them or not to wear them for a race. I want to look like a runner but I am not sure if I can pull off the skin tight look.

    • I wore mine for the first time for a race, I think they definitely make you feel a little more official. I wouldn’t worry about how they look, as long as your comfortable in them. I like to think runners don’t judge 🙂

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