3 high peaks down – 43 to go

Starting from the Adirondack Loj, also where we camped, we hiked Mount Marcy on the first day. It’s 14 miles round trip, and also the highest of the 46 high peaks. However it’s definitely not the hardest. The hike was mostly enjoyable, with just a couple moments of never ending rocky uphill climbs. We lucked out on the weather too – it was the perfect day for this hike. According to a 46er list, this hike should take 10 hours – we killed it by doing it in 6 and a half.

Our goal for Day 2 was to hike Algonquin peak, then Iroquois peak, then maybe Wright peak. Since all three are pretty much in a line – but plans quickly change. The hike up to the intersection of Wright and Algonquin was much more strenuous than Marcy. The weather also seemed to be changing as we got higher. The signs really don’t lie when they say the weather is unpredictable. We decided to go ahead and climb Wright Peak since it was only .4 miles from the intersection. Nearing the top of Wright we were surprised by strong winds and zero visibility.

It was kinda scary, we hadn’t seen anyone else hiking this day yet, we were all alone on the top of this mountain and couldn’t see 100 feet in front of us. And as we kept hiking to the top, the winds just got stronger until It just seemed like a bad idea to go any higher. We were probably like 200 feet from the top, but I was scared of being blown off the mountain. We also decided to head back to camp instead of hiking up to Algonquin, since there were no good views. Ended up being a good plan. We got back by noon, still got a good 7 mile hike in, beat the rain, and decided to go hang out on main st. in Lake Placid.

The hike to Wright Peak should take around 7 hours – we did it in under 5 hours.


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