Guess who’s doing a Tough Mudder in 2013!?

So – Tough Mudder has been on my list of races I have to do since I first heard of it. I was not expecting registration to come up this soon, but I got an e-mail yesterday. And today I decided I had to do it. Might as well before the prices go up almost $100 if I waited too long. I registered for the Sunday event, in Buffalo July 2013- (anyone know the difference between Saturday and Sunday? besides Sunday being $10 less?).

I now have $0 in my Chicago fund. I had to get over $200 of who knows what done to my car so it’d pass inspection…. then while waiting for my car I ended buying stuff… and now I just spent another $100. I don’t even care… I really do hate money. I love giving it away if it gets me into cool races, plus Tough Mudder supports the Wounded Warrior Project… a very worthy cause. I’m excited! You only live once!

Oh yeah – but holy cow. Chicago Marathon is in 3ish weeks… AH. Training has been eh.  And my last Dirt Cheap race is tomorrow.



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