I’ve decided Im going to run the Rochester half-marathon tomorrow. I figure I need to do another long run before Chicago, and I could either be bored and run it by myself, or run it with thousands of people and get a medal. Just lame that it’s gotta be expensive.

I keep telling myself Im not going to race it. But I don’t want to cross the finish line and be disappointed with my time. So I don’t know what’s gonna happen… If I feel good i’ll probably end up racing it – but is that a bad idea?

Any tips are welcome – Thanks!


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  1. I have a similar dilemma. I have a half 6 days before a full marathon. Like you, I want to be happy with my finish time but I don’t want to risk an injury where there is no recovery time.
    The best advice would be to decide what pace you want to run at and then to stick with your plan, run your own race.

    • Yeah I agree- I just went into the race saying if I felt good I would make it a good race. It went so well because there was no pressure to go fast – it just kinda happened! Good luck with your half AND marathon!

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