Rochester half-marathon

The half-marathon yesterday was interesting. I took the first 3 miles pretty easy, then my goal was to do the rest as a tempo run. I felt good, and wasn’t breathing at all. As I was running I was thinking – How do you know if your working hard enough? It’s hard to tell… anyway. I got to mile 12 and my time was an hour and 33 minutes, my best half time is 1:40.26… so It was too close to not try and get in the 1:40’s again. This is the first half that I felt great at the end and could kick in a hard last mile. It was pretty awesome. Here’s my results

Time: 1:41.04 (I ran this same race last year and got 1:41.27)
Pace: 7:43 min/miles
135th out of 1725
28th female out of 982
7th in age group out of 169 (25-29 age group)

So I ran a little faster than last years time on this course – and it felt so much easier. I think that’s a good sign. Just gotta make it till Chicago. I’m so nervous about these weeks coming up. Scared that i’ll get sick or injured, I wish I could just go now!

**UPDATE** Found some pictures!


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