Marathon #2 “training”

I can’t believe there is already almost 1 month till the Disney world marathon… my training has been almost non-existent. I did a whole 10 miles of training last week (all in one run). I’ve still got foot issues, which is holding me back. It’ll feel better until I go for a run. Whenever I have an injury or pain like this it’ll last forever, but then one day it’ll miraculously be gone… so Im looking forward to that day.

I’ve been debating on races to do next year, and I think I’ve come up with a pretty solid schedule.

Starting with the Freezeroo series which will get me through the winter, and of course Disney Marathon. Then im planning on running the NY 13.1 half marathon in NYC, and because the extra medal sounds sweet, Im going to do the NY/NJ challenge and run the New Jersey Marathon in May. At the end of May id like to seek revenge on the Sehgahunda trail marathon, by running the whole thing and not a relay. But Im debating on that or doing the Buffalo marathon which is at the same time. Then in July I will be doing the Tough Mudder in Buffalo. September I’ll run the Rochester half/or full marathon. October will be the Niagara Falls Marathon. Then November I’d like to do Philly Marathon. In between those races I’ll also be doing the dirt cheap trail race series and maybe some other small races.

So I’ll have 2 (or 3 if I do Buffalo) marathons to try and qualify for Boston. But a  total of 5 Marathons planned for next year… and 3 half-marathons. Just counted my list and have a total of 23 races… o man.

That’s all – here’s a pic of Typo.



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