A Race and a question.

I’ll start with the question…

For someone that runs regularly, or has done a marathon before – Can you expect to do well in another Marathon without a ton of training?

I now have done the distance before, only 2 months ago – but due to my foot, I haven’t been able to run as much as I did for Chicago. Looking at my little log book – at one month before Chicago I had trained 312.32 miles (which still wasn’t as much as I’d hoped). I’m about a month away from Disney, and I’ve trained 186.25. I’ve also been doing much more stretching, and yoga, and foot strengthening. And unfortunately most of those miles have been on the elliptical. If I actually run, it’s usually because I have a race… or it’s just too nice out and can’t stand the gym.

It will be interesting to see how the Marathon goes. I’m shooting for a better time (3:35 or less), with less training. Is that possible without doing at least one LONG run? I might just have to answer my own question…. so if your curious too, check back in a month or so!

Anyway… I did run a race today!

I ran the first Freezeroo race (of 6 for the series) – today was 5 miles
Here’s the results:

Time: 35:10 (7:02 min/ miles)
37th out of  221 overall
5th female out of 77
1st in my age group …. (out of 4… ha)

Next race will be on new years day – 7.5 miles. Will be my last race before Disney!


One response

  1. Everyone is different and you might be able to improve your performance without putting in the miles. But most people need to maintain their base mileage between races and then ramp up for a month or two before a marathon.
    A marathon is a major undertaking not to be taken lightly. You can get hurt if you are not prepared. You’ve run one so you know what it’s like, you are mentally prepared. Some experts say that you do not need a long run to be successful with a marathon, and I tend to agree.
    But you need to do your speed work and hill work and get your weekly mileage up in order to be physically prepared.
    Your second marathon will not be easier than your first. It is still 26.2 miles.

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