Happy Holidays!




card copy

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Family and friends know me well, and stocked me up on all things running. I’m not ready for the Disney Marathon… but with all the gear I have I’ll at least look ready.

I got my first Garmin watch! And Kyle got me the Garmin Trek 30 – for when we do awesome hiking things.


I looked up my Corral start for the Disney Marathon…. and I’m in Corral A! AH!

The corrals go up to H, and there’s about 15,000 runners… I think.

So far my foot is feeling better… due to the lack of running. I have a 7.5 mile race next week… which will be my test to see if my foot is truly better or not.

I am also officially registered for the NY/NJ Challenge. Im running the NY 13.1 in March, and the New Jersey Marathon in May.



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