Happy New Year! Race #1 for 2013

No better way than to start the year off with a successful race. Almost exactly the same as last year, but about 20 seconds faster… plus it was colder and lots of snow.

This was Freezeroo race #2 – 7.5 miles and pretty hilly.

I was 60th overall – out of 376
7th female out of 163
3rd in my age group – out of 16 (25-29)
My time was 55:45 (7:26 min/miles) — Last year my time was 56:10

I got a new Garmin GPS watch for christmas, it was awesome not having to guess my pace. Then I plugged it in and uploaded all this stuff!
garminMapThis is the garmin 110 version.

My foot was fine during the race. But now the one spot is a little twingy … my plan is to elliptical until race day, and I think my foot will hold up. 12 days till Disney World Marathon… AH!

Oh yeah – a new years resolution?

Mine is to qualify for Boston Marathon.
and run smart – so I can run all the races on my list.

The End. Happy New Year!


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