2013 walt disney world marathon

It was a pretty awesome weekend – but to answer my own question: No… you cannot run a marathon WELL without proper training. It is possible to finish though, and struggle doing it.

I was in Corral A – which meant a 5:30am start time…. and you had to start heading to the corral around 4:15am. This also required waking up at 2am. So I knew I was going to have issues, not enough time for my body to wake up… plus no coffee available. Long story short, I was having stomach issues for most of the second half of the marathon. I didn’t want to stop, until I realized I was getting slower, and it wasn’t going to get any better. So somewhere after mile 20 I found a porta-potty. First time i’ve ever stopped in a race…. not a fan! After that stop, my legs were just dead… I dragged the last 4 miles. I walked through water stops… and walked up the smallest hills. Disappointing when compared to Chicago when I didn’t stop for anything.

But Disney is suppose to be a fun race – I wish I went into this race just wanting to have fun, but I went into it wanting to do well. Good news is that everyone finished and got a medal. Kyle and Andrew ran together for most of it, but they didn’t start until an hour and 20 minutes after me. If we do this again I would do the Goofy Challenge, and get 3 awesome medals. I would run the half-marathon hard the first day, then take the marathon easy – take pictures and have fun.

Here’s the results:

My time: 4:00:34
I was: 1,719 overall out of 20,680
440 female out of 10,619
87th in age group out of 1,693

Kyle finished in 5:24:31
He was: 9096 overall out of 20,680
5372 male out of 10,061
532 in age group out of 988
Not bad at all for his first Marathon – also for not training for it until the week before…! He also stuck with Andrew until mile 18, then took off.
Andrew finished in 5:48:39.

Awesome start

Awesome start

Map and Splits from my Garmin

Map and Splits from my Garmin

Castle lit up early morning

Castle lit up early morning

16 7 5 1 2

Kyle and Andrew

Kyle and Andrew

medal bib


4 responses

  1. While it doesn’t sound like you had the best experience, at least you finished and just shy of breaking four hours — not bad at all for a pretty humid and sunny day. Hopefully your stomach will cooperate more during the next run. And I agree about that early wakeup — it was a little disorienting to be up so “early” for a race. But it was worth it 🙂

  2. Sorry that you had stomach issues. That’s not fun. But that is a sweet medal, and your race pictures look strong and determined! Congratulations on toughing it out!

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