Marathon #3 training

Marathon training for New Jersey starts tomorrow. For my first marathon in Chicago I trained 420.9 miles and did pretty well. For Disney I trained 254.95 and it was rough. If I actually stick to my training plan for New Jersey – i’ll run 704 miles in 15 weeks. Phhh… well Im gonna try- it’ll be interesting to see my times with enough training compared to lack of training.

I just joined this sight called STRAVA you can upload runs from a Garmin device, or just log your training runs. If you have friends you can compare your runs and stuff. There’s also challenges which are cool. If anyone already uses it, or joins it, feel free to follow me.

stravaOh yeah. And I changed my blog title to “Rekkless Running” because my hopes of this being a design blog were wiped out by all these running posts. I did make a separate blog that I am filling with design work though (since I no longer have a website because I let it expire). Here’s that one – 




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