Freezeroo Race #4 – Hearnish 10k

I ran the Hearnish 10k yesterday, and it was pretty awesome. I was not expecting such a hilly course though, sometimes felt like a half-mile climb!  But with big uphills comes long down-hills and I used them to my advantage. The race website said it was 6.385 miles and my watch said 6.48 –  who knows?

Here’s the results:

45th overall out of 207
9th female overall out of 81
4th in my age group out of 7 (25-29)
My time: 47:52 (7:23 min/miles)

There’s something about the 10k distance I just don’t like. I’ve done faster 10k’s in half-marathons. I could blame the hills though. But still my best 10k time was in longer races.


Last week was also my first week of Marathon #3 training. I was shooting for 31 miles, I did 25.9 miles. This week is a busy week… I’m hoping I can suck it up make time to run as much as I want to. Shooting for 46 miles….. we’ll see.


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