3 goals

I was reading a book – “Fixing Your Feet” by John Vonhof…. and stumbled upon some pages on Barefoot Ted.

He listed 3 goals in barefoot running…. or running in general I like to think.

Goal #1: QUIET.

Running with your forefoot – silent smooth strikes.

Goal #2: QUICK.

Quicken your cadence.

Goal #3: BALANCE.

Good upright posture, a balanced head, and core engaged.
Barefoot Ted says “good running can be judged aesthetically… Efficient running is tall and stable.”  It should look good, not painful.
That’s always been one of my goals.

This little section of the book also says how switching to barefoot running is rehabilitating your feet and legs from years of neglect, and loss of range of motion. The padding, support and protection has not led to stronger feet. Ted’s philosophy on barefoot running is regaining connectedness, mindfulness, and presence in your running and body.


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