Freezeroo #6 – The Finale

The last race of the series was a 5k this past Saturday. I did not come prepared for running through a field of packed slippery snow. I was wearing my road shoes, so I was slipping around, it definitely slowed me down…. but thankfully everyone seemed to have the same problem – so no one passed me in the section…ha. The field took up most of the first mile, and most of the 3rd mile…. but I was able to take off the 2nd mile once on the road.

My time was 22:15 (7:11 min/miles)
50th overall out of 233
6th female out of 84
2nd in my age group

The overall series results – best 3 races out of 5 (one was cancelled).
I was 5th female overall out of 92
I won 1st in my age group

awardThe first time I’ve won cash! Pretty exciting. There was really another girl in my age group that did better than me… but she won 1st overall.

The Start

The Start

The Finish
The Finish

My next race will be next month – on my B-day! The NY 13.1 Half-Marathon, first part of the NY/NJ Challenge. And what is it about the month of May and a million races? I literally have…. a marathon, a 5k, a trail race, a 3.5 mile race, and another marathon….should be interesting.


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  1. Great work in the freezeroo series… I have never done the whole series just a few races here and there in it (none this season). The few times I did run them we were always in a snow storm and had crazy snowy and icy conditions! Great time despite the slippery conditions, and congrats on the AG win and cash prize! Celebrate 🙂

    • Thanks! This is the first time i’ve done the series, and i’ll def. do it again. I did the dirt cheap series last year, and that was awesome too. Can’t beat the prices for 6 races, awesome people and lots of fun!

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