The Nutrition of Laura

1. Green Tea: My favorite tea brand is Republic of Tea – Especially their Double Matcha Green Tea. I drink all kinds of tea, any time of the day.

2. Chia Seeds: I add 2-3 tablespoons of Chia seeds to anything breakfast related… every morning. Breakfast consists of Fruit and yogurt, or fruit and oatmeal, or fruit and cereal, or toast. I don’t really notice any added energy from Chia seeds, but nothing bad comes from eating them either, so why not. I also add a spoon full of ground flax seeds to everything too.

3. Ezekiel Bread/Toast: I love toast – PB&J toast that is. I’ll have this for lunch, breakfast occasionally, or before an evening race. If your looking for a great healthy bread – look for this in the organic section in the freezer!




4. Cliff Bars: One of my favorite bars, I do also like Lara bars. Always go for peanut butter chocolate chip. Did you know they also have a Clif family winery? If I happen to take a break at work – I bring a bar and a orange… and that’s lunch.

5. Energy Gel: I only use Clif shot gels in a race – Mocha or Chocolate is the best. I’ve only used them in Marathons, and longer trail races.


6. Trail Mix: Probably one of my favorite foods in general! I love trail mix. A favorite after run snack. Wegmans sells a giant bag for $12.99, Target also has some awesome varieties.trail


7. Hummus: I could live on hummus and veggies. So far my favorite is Wegmans plain old hummus. But I seem to like any plain Hummus.

8. Carrots: Where there is hummus, there will be carrots. I could live on carrots and hummus.

9. Wheat Thins: If I have carrots and hummus, wheat thins are usually in the mix.

10. Sweet Potato: I would be happy with a giant sweet potato for dinner. (Kyle would not tho… so that doesn’t usually happen). But so good with cajun seasoning and a drizzle of honey.

11. Giant organic apple and peanut butter: Another favorite after run snack. Seems that the bigger the apple the better it tastes.

12. Salmon: I make some pretty awesome salmon. Of course – wegmans sells a frozen club pack, which we always buy. I thaw it, rub it with olive oil, salt and pepper. Wrap it in foil and bake for 15 min. Sometimes we’ll have it just like that, or stick it in a wrap with some veggies, spinach, and egg.

13. Wraps/naan bread/stuff like that: When we don’t know what to make, and want something fast… we make a wrap. Usually just veggies, or egg and veggies, hummus.

14. Coffee: I drink coffee occasionally. I’m drinking it right now. I dilute it with a half cup of chocolate milk…. so good! I don’t drink it everyday, but I will drink it on a race morning. We have the keurig vue system. My favorite is donut shop, and Newmans Own.

15. Junk: If cookies somehow make it to our table – they’ll be gone the same day. And ice cream – that’ll be gone in a couple days. I like eating healthy, but I’m not afraid of sugar either. This is why we don’t buy these things!

16. Pizza: I make whole wheat pizza from scratch. Super thin crust, no sauce, little cheese, and lots of veggies. Can’t feel guilty eating that.

17. Pasta: Surprisingly don’t eat pasta that much, being a runner. But it is another quick fix, if we have nothing else.

I can’t think of anything else right now, but this is basically what I live on. I very rarely eat out… maybe once every 2 or 3 months. No fast food ever. My dog wakes me up at 7:30 every morning, so if your wondering why I just blogged this…. that’s why – I got bored… thats all.



4 responses

  1. Great post, nice to see some great ideas for new things to try, even though we actually match up on a LOT of things. I have a recommendation for a green tea to try “mighty leaf tea” is the brand, and its the “green tea tropical”….It’s my absolute favorite.

    Clif bars, the regular ones and the builders bars are always on hand, I don’t use the Clif gels but I do use Clif shot blocks for my fuel (they sit so much better in my stomach).

    Salmon is a staple in my house (buy it in bulk frozen at Wegmans) I have some wonderful recipes to cook it by itself, salmon burgers, wraps, salads…all of it.

    One place we really differ is that I pretty much can’t live without coffee (I can’t function without it….), Race morning I get up super early and drink cold coffee and then get ready nice and easy (there’s a few reasons for this)

    Oh, I can’t do hummus, I can’t get past the texture, weird I know. I’m trying though.

    • Race morning I get up super early too… drink coffee and eat oatmeal with chia seeds. I give myself a few hours before I leave the house… I’m sure we have similar reasons.

      I’ll have to try that tea, sounds good!

      I love coffee…. I would love to have it everyday, but sometimes it just doesn’t make me feel good. I’ll have it every other day at most.

      I never use to like hummus either, I thought it was weird. I’m not sure when that changed… haha. Thanks for commenting! Nice to know we have things in common!

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