NY 13.1 half marathon

Last weekend I ventured to NYC to run the 13.1 half marathon in Flushing Meadows Park. The race went well, we pretty much just looped around the park a few times. Weather would have been perfect if it wasn’t so windy. I have a new Half-Marathon PR!

Here’s the results:
I was 126th out of 2228 overeall
16th female out of 1184
4th in my age group out of 311
Time : 1:38:49 (old PR 1:40:26)

And the finisher medal is sweet.

Found some cool places in NYC during this visit. We had pizza and hot chocolate the night before the race at Max Brenner.
That is a pic of the Italian Thick hot chocolate – made with dark chocolate – highly recommend.

Then we found this creative salad place – Chop’t.

Then I was looking up other places on yelp – and found Dig Inn Seasonal Market, turned out to be a tiny place with like 4 chairs. But the food is healthy and good.

On our way home from NYC we took a detour to NJ to check out the Swiss Chalet Bakery in Morristown. They were on cupcake wars a month or so ago, figured they would be worth checking out…. and they were.

swisschalet swiss2 cupcakes

Now to end this with some race pictures.





2 responses

  1. Congrats on the race. The season is kicking into high gear now. I love chocolate and pastries also, I think I need dessert! Great Medal.
    I wish Marathon Foto would charge less for pics. If they were $9.99 each and a discount for volume I’d buy more. I think a single pic is $14.95!? Ca-Razy!
    I’ve run some races here in New England where free photo downloads are included in your entry fee. Now if you look like a troll in all your photos it’s not much of a deal. But even I find 1 or 2 pics that I like in most races.
    You gotta love the clippy tool in Windows!

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