New Jersey Marathon

I completed the New Jersey Marathon this past Sunday – May 5th. I’ll just say I’m bummed.

I was convinced I would be able to qualify for Boston, but my head and body just weren’t ready. I ran the Flower City Half-Marathon the weekend before to practice my pace – completed that in 1:44:17…. easy. I did the first half of New Jersey pretty much exactly the same – easy. But then somewhere around mile 15, out of know where… I hit the wall. I struggled to keep my pace till about mile 20, where I really hit the wall. Then I lost it when the 3:30 pacer passed me…. then 3:35… then 3:40…. ugh. It got hard to breath, I could barely catch my breath… I think I was freaking out cause I was so sad. I blew it.

I could blame other things… I did have stomach issues (nothing as bad as the Disney Marathon), and a horrible side stitch for the majority of the second half (still feels like I have one). But I think it’s directly related to the training. I’ve done 3 marathons: 1st was Chicago – I trained 425.9 miles – finished in 3:38:26 | 2nd was Disney – I trained 261.95 miles – finished in 4:00:34 | 3rd was New Jersey- I trained 349.51 miles – finished in 3:52:27. So now I’m determined to do the final test – stick to my training schedule for my marathon in September – should be close to 700 miles. It’s interesting to look at my times compared to the amount of training. The good news is I recovered super fast – seems to be getting easier each time. I wanted to run the next day, but decided that was a bad idea. So I ran the day after (yesterday), and felt good… no fatigue, just sore calves.

Here’s my results:

747th overall out of 2269
209th female out of 928
45th in age group out of 190
Time – 3:52:27

I have to say the medal is pretty sweet. Well worth the pain. I got an extra medal for completing the NY/NJ Challenge. I was also surprised when I took my shoe off to find a giant blood blister.
This weekend I am running a mothers day 5k – also signed my mom up.

The end.


6 responses

  1. Congrats on another marathon! It may not have been the time you wanted but you still got it done and that’s a big accomplishment (In my head pushing through when things get rough is more important than any BQ or PR). I’ve definitely had races like that before, you live and you learn. You’ll get your BQ in the fall (just make sure you are comfortable on the canal path, that thing was my nemesis when I did ROC 26.2 2 years ago). You have plenty of time to train, and get to where you want to be to get that BQ.

    That’s awesome that you got 2 medals, can’t complain about extra bling! I really like that NJ marathon one, it stands out.

    And holy cow batman! That blister looks killer! I don’t think I have had one that bad since my track days in college.

    • Thanks! Yeah, I’m still new to this Marathon stuff. It took me a longggg time to be any good at running. So I think I’m coming to terms with the fact it might take a long time to be good at Marathons… haha.

  2. Congrats on your 3rd marathon! Do you get your miles in over a 16 week period or longer? Do yu use any particular plan?
    I’m about 20 weeks out from my next marathon and I’m planning to build up to 40 miles per week. I’m starting from 25 so my total will not get to 800.
    I know I need to work harder than I have before to acheive the goal I have set for my self. Your times are better than mine so hopefully you can advise me. 😉

    • Thanks! I use a 15 week plan, and miles go up to over 50 per week. But I’ve been having a hard time sticking to it. For my next marathon I’m determined to do all the miles – so that really just means sucking it up and running even when you really don’t want to. There’s always time to run. Hope your training goes well, I’m sure you will hit your goal!

      • Thanks. I’ve been trying to follow one of the Active Advantage plans, but I can’t. I think I am going to start my own plan with the goal of peeking at 40 miles per week and work back from there. you know, set a goal and work backwards to figure out how to get there.
        I’ll use the “no more than 10% increase in distance per week” rule, Have 1 long run and 2-3 other runs. I wont worry about what days of the week I do them. It’s not unusual to have some commitment come up the day your supposed to run 20 miles, or have a project come up that prevents you from running at lunch.
        I think if I focus on total miles and try to stay consistent at 3-4 runs per week I’ll be ok.

  3. Sounds like a good plan. You also never know how you’ll feel. Get the most out of the days you feel good. Maybe go longer than you planned, or turn it into a tempo. Take it easy on the days you feel tired, or just not feeling it. Cross-training is always good too… I hate the elliptical, but that’s my only other option besides running – so usually go for an hour at least. When I was training for Chicago I did 2 runs a day sometimes to get in more miles.

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