Pink Ribbon 5k – Mothers Day

Sunday I dragged my mom (and she dragged my Aunt) to the Pink Ribbon run/walk for the 3rd year in a row. She walked of course.

photo (2)

Mom on left, Aunt, me





I love this 5k because it is all female, and the last 2 years I had my best times… not this year though. This was one week after I ran New Jersey Marathon, which my legs were completely fine. But somewhere after mile one, that darn side stitch came back…. much worse than during the marathon. But thanks to marathon running I was like… I’ve suffered muuuuch longer than a mile or 2, I think I can handle 10 more min of running kinda fast. So I managed a 15th overall – time of 21:34 (6:57 min miles) – and 3rd in age group (JUST made it).

I haven’t ran that fast in a long time. My lungs were hurting after. My next race is TODAY! The 2nd Dirt cheap trail race… I have to get through work first though. Should be rainy and muddy… we run through a creek anyway… it’ll be fun.

Here’s another pic – awards for age groups – I got a $25 gift card to wegmans.

I never expected to run in a race with one of my blog readers.  Pretty funny she’s in this photo – Hi Laura Anderson! Nice win.



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  1. Congrats on a great race! I heard your name called and I was like “hey!”. That’s a seriously great time, especially after the marathon, and with that course (way too many turns!). I don’t know about you but my Wegman’s gift card lasted a whole…30 seconds. I literally went and used it that day!

    Good luck at Dirt Cheap tonight, I give you so much credit for trail running (totally NOT my thing, I’m a klutz!!)

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