Dirt Cheap Trail Race #2

Wednesday I ran the 2nd Dirt Cheap trail race at Webster park. It was pretty awesome. I went out fast, as usual, and put myself behind 2 other girls. Then it stayed that way for the entire race. The men started 8 minutes before the girls, so I was pretty much by myself until I would start passing guys. I enjoyed it. I had no idea another girl was close behind me until I finished – but still got 3rd!

Here’s the results:

51 overall – out of 316
3rd female overall – out of 143
3rd in age group – out of 25
somewhere between 5 and 6 miles – 47:11

I think Im slowing getting better at trail races. Last year I was always 4th, 5th, 7th female. So far Im 3rd – for the first 2. I have to say I enjoy trail racing a bit more than the roads.

During the New Jersey Marathon, while I was suffering and wondering why I keep doing this to myself, I was thinking maybe Im not a marathon runner. I’m still going to put myself through 2 more marathons this year – Im still going to try to qualify for Boston. But next year I might try to do all trail races. There are a ton I wanted to do but couldn’t because of Marathons and other races. So yep – that’s my plan.


Hill we had to climb for the finish. (That’s Kyle in the green!)

The end.


One response

  1. Congrats on awesome trail race and great placing! I give you so much credit for trails, I’m just way too much of a klutz. Thats a cool idea of only doing trails next year, I know there are a lot of great trail races out there, and from what people tell me trail running makes you a stronger road runner too!

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