Chase Corporate Challenge

Tuesday night was the Chase Corporate Challenge… I was the captain for Team Staples, and was anticipating meeting a bunch of new people from the sales offices, and stores. Thanks to the weather – which turned out to be fine until the race was pretty much over – most of my team bailed. We still managed to have a team of 4 though, and the 3 that showed up were awesome people. I also saw a ton of people I knew, and went to the start with a bunch of running buddies.

Here’s my results:
20th female overall – out of 4,653
232 overall – out of 8,746
3.5 miles in 24:13 (6:55 min/mile)

Last year I managed a 23:38 in this race…. does marathon running make you slower? Im starting to think so, at least in these short races! And I dunno if its the faster running or what that is causing a side stitch…. but it keeps happening after about a mile and 1/2.

Tomorrow Is the Sehgahunda Trail Marathon and Relay. Im doing the 2 person relay. We decided to switch on and off, so Im running Leg 1, and 3. And my running buddy Tim is running Leg 2 and 4. I’ll end up running a total of 12.6 miles. Last year I ran Legs 1 & 2 back to back…. and it was a disaster. I made these pretty awesome signs to stick somewhere on us…. We are the – Super Sehga Sonic All-Star Racers!


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  1. You rocked corporate challenge, placed awesome too! 20/4653 that’s like 0.4%!

    Something I have noticed about marathon training, it’s not that it makes you slower, just makes it harder to tolerate the speed (I legitimately had a nagging cough and raspy voice after Pink Ribbon 5k). There have been times I PR in smaller distances during longer training and times I went slower, I think it more has to do with the effect on lungs.

    Good luck at Seg. this weekend! My fiances best friend is running the full so we will be there, not sure where but somewhere! So maybe I’ll get to cheer ya on!

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