Running q’s and things

Unfortunately I didn’t celebrate National Running Day yesterday… I worked. Then came home. Ate dinner…. and ate chocolate chips. I have banned most junk food from the apartment until the end of July. Junk meaning Ice cream and trail mix. But in the spirit of running – here’s some random Q’s and A’s about running.

1. Favorite race so far: My first Marathon – Chicago – October 7th 2012. Everything about it was awesome – our hotel, the expo, the race, after the race, the city. So far that’s the only marathon I will definitely do again.

2. Favorite running outfit: Any of my racerback tanks. I’m not a fan of pink, but I think my pink under armor shorts are my favorite. Also my quarter length nike tights. Or just plain old black CW-X tights for those longer races.

3. Favorite Shoes: Brooks Pure Drift for the road, New Balance Minimus Road Zero’s are a close second, and Merrel Lithe Glove for the trails.

4. Favorite everyday shoe: Merrel Barefoot Delight Glove

5. Favorite time to run: Afternoon/evening. Pretty much whenever. Not a fan of early morning runs, but i’ll do it if needed.

6. Rather run in hot weather or cold: HOT, even though I feel like dying. I hate being cold, and my hands and feet go numb. Plus don’t like wearing layers, I like my tanks and shorts.

7. Worst running injury: Fortunately I haven’t had anything that has kept me from running…. Never missed a practice or race in cross country – high-school or college. I had chronic shin splints in high school, and the beginning of college cross country. But nothing since, just minor foot pain thats been hanging around for a year… but has yet to manifest into anything.

8. How I would describe my running: Consistant… I guess. Also unpredictable… I could feel great but then have an aweful run, or feel eh but then have a good run.

9. Favorite distance to run: Half Marathon (13.1) – I can still go fast, but don’t feel like I have to sprint the entire race.

10. Favorite running accessory: My Garmin 110

11. If I don’t run, I: Do a workout dvd, or P90X yoga, or tons of squats, lunges, and stuff with weights…. or go to the gym and elliptical (ugh).

12. I won’t run outside if: There’s lightning…. or a blizzard.

13. Currently training for: for once… nothing. Until Monday I start training for my next marathon.

14. Potential running goal for 2013: Still – to qualify for Boston.

15. Next race is: Next wednesday (12th) – the 3rd dirt cheap trail race.

Last night was not a good night for sleeping. I’ve been up for a couple hours now… and it’s still only 6:47 am! But it’s my day off… so I don’t care, the longer the day the better. Plus maybe i’ll get motivated and start being productive. I could go for a run…. but I might just go to the gym. I kinda want to save all my running for when I start Marathon (#4) training on Monday.

My training plan is 15 weeks, and almost 800 miles. It’s for the Rochester Marathon in September, and hopefully that training will hold me over till the Niagara Falls Marathon in October.

I’m proud to announce Kyle and I will be returning to the Adirondacks in October to hike more of the high peaks, and camp. It’ll be for his B-day!


3 responses

  1. Half marathons are my favorite for the same reason…speed but not killing yourself!

    I think all your trail running is really going to help you in training for next marathon…it makes you a lot stronger which is why I wish I wasn’t so much of a klutz and could do trails. You’ll get that BQ very soon by my guess!

  2. We like half marathons because they only take about two hours and don’t require the same logistics as a full marathon. Before some marathons I feel like Gen Eisenhower planning for D-Day. Do I have all of my stuff? Do I know the terrain, the weather, how competitive the field is etc. Where will the team link up etc. 😉

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