Dirt Cheap Trail Race #3

You can’t go to Lucien Morien Park and expect an easy run… or race! This was the 3rd of 6 races in the series… also the shortest but hardest. I was mentally prepared for this race, knowing how hilly and narrow, and hard it is. But my body wasn’t ready… after a 4:30 AM wake up to go to work, was on my feet the entire day, then got home with just enough time to put the doggies away and pick-up Kyle.

We got there super early so we walked some of the trails. Of course the second we decide to start running, I trip on a root.

I could tell my legs were just dead…
I took off fast the first mile, like usual, to get a good spot for when we got to the single track trails. But as soon as we hit the hills, my legs had nothing. I think I walked up a portion of every one of those hills. Thanks to all the rain this week the trails were also very slippery and muddy. So even when I tried to run up a hill I wasn’t going anywhere. Down hills were pretty sketchy too… I slid down one hill on my toes and forearms. Other than that though, I didn’t fall!


This was my fourth time running this race – and somehow it was still my second fastest time.

I was 75th overall out of 347
11th female out of 154
7th in age group out of 29
Time – 36:35 (3.4ish miles)



One response

  1. I feel like muddy arms and such should be a badge of honor…It would have taken me 20 minutes/mile if it was muddy like that. Nice work though, good prep for tough mudder right?

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