Marathon Training – The beginning

I am currently training for my 4th Marathon – just about to finish week 2. This time I have everything written out on a calender, so I know exactly what I have to do. Last week (the first week) called for 31 miles – we hit 28.6. This week is 41 miles – so far have run 28.4 … with only one run left tomorrow which is 12 miles. Kyle is training with me, not for a marathon…. but just to get back into running, and preparing for the tough mudder next month.

Im pretty excited for this Marathon, if I can keep this up I think it will go pretty well. I keep forgetting I have another Marathon the month after… not sure how to train for that. The Rochester Marathon is at the end of September, then Im doing the Niagara Falls Marathon at the end of October. With some mountain hiking in between for Kyle’s B-day.

How should I train for a Marathon after a Marathon?
Will my training for Rochester carry over for Niagara?

Today is an off day. It’s strange to have a planned off day. The true test will be tomorrow’s 12 mile run, at 7:45 am…. not a fan of running early. But I gotta get it done before work – I don’t want to do it after and be running till 10pm.

So far I feel pretty awesome – This is my favorite time of year for running. I already feel like Im getting in better shape just from these few weeks of longer runs. My calves seem to be in a constant state of tightness, and my feet tighten up every time Im not on them. I have yet to do any stretching or icing or foam rolling…. I forget I should do these things…

This is from the start line of the 3rd Dirt Cheap race at Ellison Wetlands. Thought Id throw in a picture. dirtcheap3_3


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  1. You are going to do awesome in Rochester (and Niagara), I think there is the perfect amount of time between the 2 for you to keep fitness but not burn out or have to train super hard in between. All your trail running, and solid base you already have will seriously benefit you with both races. I’m doing the half at Rochester, and maybe the relay with my sister at Niagara so I’ll be seeing you!

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