Training week 4

Got back on track this week, and ended it yesterday (Saturday) with a 14 mile run before work. I woke up at 5:30am, and sat around till 7am. Then I actually enjoyed the run. I’m usually not a morning runner, but it was nice to not have to worry about anything else for 2 hours. Just had to run. This was my longest training run so far. My feet are hating me.

Training update:

Week 1: Goal 31 miles – I ran 28.6
Week 2: Goal 41 miles – I ran 40.4
Week 3: Goal 46 miles – I ran 22.25 (it happens)
Week 4: Goal 46 miles – I ran 42.4

14 mile long run

14 mile long run

Today starts week 5… and mileage is jumping to 51 miles. I won’t be starting it off well, cause I don’t plan on running today. I have one off day this week, and I think I’ll use it today.

There were so many days last week where I could have made an excuse not to run, especially yesterday. But I kept thinking of Deans book “Run!” and his quote “…permit yourself to compromise, you permit yourself to fail.” Never thought a book we help me with marathon training…

Next race is this week – the 4th Dirt Cheap Trail Race. I’m kinda nervous. I’ve been beating up my feet more than usual, and just hope they can hold up to dirt cheap.

The end.


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  1. You have been doing awesome with training, and knowing when to take rest days is important and you never have to justify to anyone why you do it. Hope dirt cheap goes well! Have a great high mileage week, you’ve got this!

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