Dirt Cheap Trail Race #4

Wednesday night was the 4th Dirt Cheap Trail Race at Mendon Ponds Park. This is the 2nd time running there for this series – (we run it backwards the 2nd time). The start is placed right above a strange wooden and dirt stairway … therefore we couldn’t have a mass start like usual. We would start one by one, every 5 seconds, based on our bib number. Luckily I was in the line for the first 100 people to start… so I didn’t have to wait around long.

The start

The start

Only a portion of the stairs

Only a portion of the stairs

I had low expectations for this race, my legs were tired from working all day… but not as bad as the previous dirt cheap. I ended up being the first girl to cross the finish line. But I knew that would be short lived since it’s based on time… not the order you finish. I enjoyed being first for a few seconds though.

Here’s the results:

I was 35th overall out of 324
5th female out of 154
3rd in my age group
Time: 41:32 (4.5ish miles)

Did I mention it was muddy?


Sweet race shirt for series

Sweet race shirt for series

Today is my last day of week 5 of marathon training. I woke up at 5:15 am… to sit around and drink coffee. But eventually Im gonna go run for like 2 hours… then be at work by noon. If I run the 15 miles Im suppose to this morning I’ll hit 38 miles for this week… which is much lower than the 51 I was suppose to hit. But that’s ok… it seems every other week is a good week. I think the most important thing is to get the long run in… which is todays job. Next week looks like it’s around 45 miles… that should be do-able.

Crazy to think Tough Mudder is only 2 weeks away. I have no expectations… just to have fun! and not get injured. It’s so different from anything i’ve ever done. The only training i’ve done for it is Marathon training… and playing on playgrounds we find during our runs. Should be interesting.

I’ve dragged this out long enough…
to be continued with a Marathon training update!


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