Training week #5

Training update:

Week 1: Goal 31 miles – I ran 28.6
Week 2: Goal 41 miles – I ran 40.4
Week 3: Goal 46 miles – I ran 22.25 (it happens)
Week 4: Goal 46 miles – I ran 42.4
Week 5: Goal 51 miles – I ran 36.3

I ended the week yesterday with a 12.5 mile run. My goal was 15 miles, but I had to cut it short. I debated on toughing it out, and could have… but would it have been worth it? For some reason I was so thirsty on this run, I brought a small Nathans Sprint bottle with water… but drank it all by mile 8. That’s the first time i’ve ever drank all the water during a run. It was extra humid yesterday though… and the sun came out during the last 45 minutes. Did I mention I woke up at 5:15 am for this run? Second early Saturday run in a row… I was pretty proud.

Next week looks like it’s only 39 miles. Thank god. Longest run next week is 8 miles! Nice break before it goes back up to 51 the week after.

So I’m not even half way through the training plan – 5 weeks… out of 15 weeks. Crazy. I feel like i’ve done so much running, and it’s still only the beginning! I guess that’s what happens when you actually follow a plan. So far so good though… I’m enjoying it.

That’s all.


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  1. Nice week of training! Following a plan makes it seem so much more, I just semi-finalized my plan for the next 11.5 weeks until Wineglass and man is it going to tire me out. Enjoy the stepback week this week!

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