Week 10 – In Progress

This week is going well so far – I’m at 31.3 miles and plan on going to the gym after work today. I even got in a track workout yesterday…. I ran 400’s for about 45 minutes around 1:40 per 400 (Jogged for a minute in between). Then did 5 hard 200’s. I started out tired, but ended feeling pretty good. Got in about 7.3 miles. Im starting to get nervous about injuries – so I went to the gym Wednesday and did 10 miles on the elliptical…. planning on doing the same today. I’m having some pain on the bottom of my foot… especially when I touch it… and my left foot has developed a strange bump on the side that  is slightly painful…. hmm. Definitely want these things to go away! I have feared plantar fasciitis for years…. could it be developing now? Not gonna happen.  I’m actually pretty impressed by myself – I’ve been foam rolling, icing, stick rolling, massaging, even stretching (occasionally)…. It’s amazing how much better you feel when you actually take care of your limbs.

I FINALLY finished the book! … I started reading “Run!” in October 2012…. and just finished it yesterday. I tend to start reading something then forget about it for a year or so. I did the same thing with “Born to Run” which I also have not finished (I’m still only 20 pages in). I just ordered some things from Amazon, and threw a book into that order – “Eat and Run.” Why do I keep ordering books, when I have books I still need to read? I don’t know….
booksAs you can see I have 2 more books by Dean Karnazes, and “Born to Run”… all need to be read. “Lore of Running” is a good book to have, I peak in it every once in a while.

I think that’s all. I have 2 days to get 10 more miles in and hit my goal. Oh! and I created a new page dedicated to my 2014 Trail Year – check it out… The list has only just begun, so if you know any awesome trail races in upstate NY, or North East area… Feel free to leave a suggestion! 🙂


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  1. So close to your goal for the week, you’ve got this! Solid week, especially with the track workout. Good for you for taking time to roll, ice stretch etc. It really does make a difference. I got through spurts of being good about it. Usually every few weeks I’ll be like yeah I better stretch more…LOL

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