Training week 11

Training update:

Week 1: Goal 31 miles – I ran 28.6
Week 2: Goal 41 miles – I ran 40.4
Week 3: Goal 46 miles – I ran 22.25
Week 4: Goal 46 miles – I ran 42.4
Week 5: Goal 51 miles – I ran 36.3
Week 6: Goal 36 miles – I ran 21.3
Week 7: Goal 51 miles – I ran 28.1
Week 8: Goal 53 miles – I ran 46.6
Week 9: Goal 52 miles – I ran 31.3 ( 😦 )
Week 10: Goal 41 miles – I ran 32 ( 😦 )
Week 11: Goal 57 miles – I ran 31.3 ( 😦 )

Another disappointing week.  17 of those miles were on the elliptical. Which I am proud to say I went to the gym AFTER a long day of work on Friday… I didn’t want to, but I made myself – and I did 7 miles. I gotta get things in gear this week. Just about 4 weeks till Rochester Marathon…. Thankfully I have backup plan called Niagara Falls Marathon the month after. I have to do my 20 miler this week… Im not sure how to go about it since I have a race on Saturday. I’d like to do well in the race…. but it’s just for fun. The only days I have time to run for 3 hours is Wednesday and Thursday… guess I just gotta go for it.

My sister in-law is in the hospital having twins as we speak…. so crazy. I can’t imagine… they have 3 kids now! I probably won’t see them till Wednesday since my life will consist of work and trying to run before work till then… I am hopeful for a new career though. I had an interview last week, and it went… pretty well for me. I am not a good interviewer, my mind goes blank. But I left feeling pretty good about, of course I left also wishing I could have remembered to say this, or ask that.

This weekend Im running the Summerfest 12k. One last speed workout before the Marathon, hopefully – as long as the 20 miler doesn’t kill my legs. I’ve been doing all my training in my Brooks PureDrift shoes – they’re pretty worn down. I’m planning on running in them for the Marathons – so decided I should buy a new pair. Thanks to Eastern Mountain Sports and their shoe clearance sale, I got them for $60 minus a $15 gear bucks card = $45! Awesome timing… I was planning on having to scrape together $100 bucks.



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