Dirt Cheap Trail Race #6

This whirlwind of a week is finally starting to unwind. We made it to NYC and back Monday – that was a 22 hour day. We left at 4am, and got home at 2am…. Of course I volunteered to drive. The outcome of that trip is pretty awesome (Kyles Tattoo), but once we were in the city… it’s just so crazy. Not enjoyable. Then I had to work Tuesday morning… Then Wednesday morning. All I wanted to do was sleep.

Wednesday night was the last Dirt Cheap Trail Race. It was 93 degrees out… and my foot kept getting sharp pains through my arch and heel. So I took it easy. I started in the middle of the pack, instead of at the starting line. But at 11 minutes I had stomach issues…. and had to stop and keel over for a couple minutes. I watched everyone pass by, I figured I was probably last now, so I started a nice slow jog till my stomach settled down. Eventually I could run normally, and started catching up to people. Only 3 out of the 6 races count towards the series total, so I was fine with taking this one easy – especially with the Marathon in pretty much one week.

Here’s the results:

I was 87th overall out of 244
21 out of 117 females
4th in age group out of 12
3.3 ish miles in 41:15

Overall Series Standings confused me. I thought I was 2nd female – according to the order they have it in. Turns out I was 3rd 😦 – I’m only sad because I waited for the awards last night thinking I had 1st in age group, and the prize included Once Again Nut Butter. On the way to the race I told Kyle I’d be so excited if I won the peanut butter…. but nope. O well… I’ll take 3rd, and 2nd in age group. I’m always so close… yet so far away.

**Update – some photo’s…

Im in the back with white shorts

Im in the back with white shorts

Attempted to smile

Attempted to smile


One response

  1. Bummer on the stomach issues and not placing where you wanted 😦 It definitely happens, I guess my only thought on silver lining is that stomach issue came at Dirt cheap and not Rochester? Still solid placing for the series though, 3rd overall is still awesome.

    I seriously was thinking about how tired you must have been the other day. I was like OMG she was driving to NYC and back and had so much else going on…make sure to get some good sleep this week!

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