Training Update & Pre Marathon issues

Training Update:

Week 1: Goal 31 miles – I ran 28.6
Week 2: Goal 41 miles – I ran 40.4
Week 3: Goal 46 miles – I ran 22.25
Week 4: Goal 46 miles – I ran 42.4
Week 5: Goal 51 miles – I ran 36.3
Week 6: Goal 36 miles – I ran 21.3
Week 7: Goal 51 miles – I ran 28.1
Week 8: Goal 53 miles – I ran 46.6
Week 9: Goal 52 miles – I ran 31.3
Week 10: Goal 41 miles – I ran 32
Week 11: Goal 57 miles – I ran 31.3
Week 12: Goal 55 miles – I ran 33.3
Week 13: Goal 49 miles – I ran 24.5
Week 14: Goal 44 miles – I ran 20.8
Week 15: Goal … ? – I ran 10.25

I didn’t really have a goal mileage for this week. My training plan said 44, but phhh I think thats crazy. I was planning on doing a 3rd run yesterday, but ended up hanging out with my new work crew instead…. which seemed equally as important.

So the Marathon is TOMORROW…..

As the days have been leading up to it, I’ve been getting more nervous. Everything seems to not be going in my favor. Killer headache yesterday. Girl problems started yesterday – come on! (sorry guys – TMI) – Couldn’t sleep in today, I was up at 6:30am…. I woke up and my eye was all puffy…. !!?? What’s going on?? Horrible timing body…

I’ll be bummed if things go bad tomorrow – it’s been a long 15 weeks. I trained 450.2 miles, which is the most I have trained so far for a marathon. I do have another marathon next month – Niagara Falls – which can be looked at as my back-up plan. But I’d like to do well in both.

Girl problems and running don’t mix well. Anyone had to deal with this during a Marathon?


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