Rochester Marathon Recap

I wen’t into the Marathon knowing at some point it’s going to suck and be hard. But I forget just how hard it gets. The Marathon really doesn’t begin until mile 20, that’s where you can either start fighting or start giving in.

I was feeling good for the first half. I was taking it easy – so I thought. It felt easy. I would even back off if I looked at my watch and I was going under 8. I passed the half-way point, and was right where I wanted to be – 1 hour 45 minutes. I was happy, and still felt good, and getting excited that this might be the day I qualify. I also still knew there would be a wall… no matter how good I felt, the wall was coming.

Around mile 15 my legs started feeling tighter and stiffer. Around mile 16 it was getting harder to hold my 8 ish pace. Mile 18 I accepted the fact that I won’t be qualifying this day. Mile 20 my only goal was to not walk. Mile 22 one of my running  friends passed me and I broke down. I was a mess till mile 24. Mile 25 I pulled things together and picked up the pace for the last mile.

I am proud that I didn’t walk. It was still my 2nd best Marathon time. But how the heck did I run my first Marathon?? I haven’t been able to get close to that time. It’s crazy.  Here’s my Garmin map of the race –


I learned some things for the Niagara Falls Marathon next month. I’m going to take it much easier in the beginning. I will stretch/roll out my muscles before the race. I wen’t into this Marathon with tight calfs at the start. I will probably force myself do use a gu/gel earlier in the race. During Rochester I only used one gel at mile 11. I had another with me, but I didn’t want it.

I have a month till my next Marathon – I’m thinking as soon as my muscles recover from yesterday I’ll keep my mileage high for a few weeks, then have a few weeks to taper. If I don’t qualify for Boston next month, then thats fine… I’ll have a year off (road) Marathons, while I run tons of trails next year!

Here’s my results:

Time: 3:48:49 (8:44 min/mile)
8th in my age group out of 33
192 overall out of 603
40th female overall out of… 200ish? (not sure exactly)


The end.


9 responses

  1. You still ran an incredibly solid race (especially with girl issues, that would have killed me!). The Rochester course is known for eating people alive during the last few because your body hates the flat long canal path (I am living proof of this). You still pushed through, and didn’t walk and still managed your second best time….I’m proud! Niagara falls is going to be great for you- think of Rochester as just a super long training run for it. Rest up and stretch and foam roll a lot the next few weeks. you’ll be amazed what a little TLC can do for the body!

  2. That is a good time and you were in the top 1/3 of all finishers. Do you fuel during a race? A a few GU or Powerbar pouches during a race can really make a difference. It’s best to fuel before you feel spent as you cannot recover from glucose depletion during a race.

    • I took one gel later than I wanted to… around mile 11. I didn’t plan ahead very well. I was planning on using another gel around mile 20, but I was too disappointed by then and figured it wouldn’t make any difference. You are definitely right – next time I will fuel early in the race, and force myself to use a couple more gels later on!

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