Training Cont’d – onto Niagara Falls International Marathon!

Training Update:

Rochester Marathon Training
Week 1: Goal 31 miles – I ran 28.6
Week 2: Goal 41 miles – I ran 40.4
Week 3: Goal 46 miles – I ran 22.25
Week 4: Goal 46 miles – I ran 42.4
Week 5: Goal 51 miles – I ran 36.3
Week 6: Goal 36 miles – I ran 21.3
Week 7: Goal 51 miles – I ran 28.1
Week 8: Goal 53 miles – I ran 46.6
Week 9: Goal 52 miles – I ran 31.3
Week 10: Goal 41 miles – I ran 32
Week 11: Goal 57 miles – I ran 31.3
Week 12: Goal 55 miles – I ran 33.3
Week 13: Goal 49 miles – I ran 24.5
Week 14: Goal 44 miles – I ran 20.8
Week of Rochester Marathon: I ran 10.25
–Niagara Falls Training Starts – 4 weeks–
Week 16: I ran 31.2 miles (includes Rochester Marathon)

It was a hectic week after the Marathon – I wanted to jump right back in and start running, but something would keep coming up and I’d run out of time. Yesterday I could finally go for a run and I wanted to make it a long one – I felt good for 3 miles, but then started getting these weird sharp pains in my calf. So I stopped and tried to stretch it out, but nothing helped. I decided I would cut my run short – but I was still about 4 miles from home, so I ran another mile or so, and had to stop again. I walked, then I’d get tired of walking and try to run, then I’d have to walk again…. it was the longest 2 miles ever. I got home and I’ve never had a muscle hurt like my calf did…. It hurt to move my leg, move my foot, I could barely touch it – it was so sensitive. I tried to roll it out, but that was an awful idea…. I iced it, that didn’t help. Finally I took a shower, and that seemed to loosen it up. It’s still sore and I can pin-point the spot…

I don’t think I’ll be doing much running before Niagara – Were hiking some high peaks in the ADK’s next weekend. I’m going to the gym today to elliptical, and planning on the gym all this week. Need my calf to get better before the hike – and don’t want to risk injuries for Niagara.

Other things I accomplished this last week – I made an Adventure Time cake for a friends birthday. Made out of 4 different kinds of cake, AND a brownie on the bottom. The character is Jake.
I made a very similar cake for Kyles B-day last year. I think this one is the best I’ve done so far. His eye’s are birthday cake oreos.
Also – here’s some pics from the Rochester Marathon.

The End


7 responses

  1. I hope the calf gets better…lots of stretching and foam rolling!!

    Relax and cruise until Niagara, enjoy the ADK trip too, I totally forgot you had mentioned that! Let me know if you want a running buddy for any runs between now and Niagara (well and after too of course!)

    That cake looks amazing, definitely super creative!

  2. Congrats on the marathon. Rochester is a long way from Boston, but I’d like to run that race someday. Rest, ibuprofin and heat are probably what you need for that calf. Heat will help relax that muscle which sounds like it needs a little rest and relaxation.
    Mountain climbing doesn’t sound like the best therapy, so be careful.

    • Thanks for the advice. Rochester is a great race, over half of it is on the canal though… which is mentally tough for some people. I didn’t mind it too much. Hope you do get to do it someday!

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