Quick Niagara Falls Training Update

Training Update:

Week of Rochester Marathon: I ran 31.2 miles (includes Rochester Marathon)
4 weeks till Niagara:  I ran 26.5
3 weeks till Niagara: So far I’ve done 6.5 miles

I feel like I haven’t been doing anything, but at least I’m getting miles in. I’ve been working 10 hour days the last 2 weeks, to make up hours I missed while camping in the ADKS. Yesterday was a pretty good gym session, I ellipticalled for 30 minutes (4 miles), then treadmilled for 20 – about 2.6 miles. The night before I did a bunch of weight and strength workouts… I wasn’t sore during the day yesterday, but after the gym… yeah. Deadlifts and walking lunges… never fails at making me sore.

I have less than 3 weeks till Niagara Falls Marathon… game plan is to elliptical pretty much everyday. Saturday I have the day off, so I’ll try and do my long run – probably the only long run i’ll be able to do.

We hiked 2 more high peaks over the weekend while camping in the ADK’s. Esther and Whiteface – We hiked from Marble Mountain trail head to Connery Pond, about 12 miles. It was cool not having to do an out and back. I’ll post a recap of the trip soon.



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