Niagara Falls – two weeks

Training Update:

Week of Rochester Marathon: I ran 31.2 miles (includes Rochester Marathon)
4 weeks till Niagara:  I ran 26.5
3 weeks till Niagara: I ran 18.5
2 weeks till Niagara: So far – 10 miles

Last week I made it to the gym twice, and ran 8 miles Saturday. This week I really want to be one of my better weeks… got up at 5 am yesterday and did 10 miles on the elliptical (in 1hour 8min!) I was cruising. Up at 5am again today, planning on going for a run. I don’t really have a mileage goal for this week… just more than what i’ve been doing. Then i’ll take next week easy.

October is flying by, it’s crazy. Niagara will officially be my last Marathon for a while – Except for one or two trail Marathons next year 🙂

There are so many series races I’m discovering. I want to do them all. I’m starting to really figure out a good race schedule for next year, the majority will be on trails. Except for Freezeroo and Runner of the Year races.

Runner of the Year Series
Trail Runner of the Year Series
Eastern Grip Trail Series
Trail Runner Trophy Series
Freezeroo Series
Snow Cheap Series
Dirt Cheap trail Race Series

well… I don’t want to put my early wake-up to waste…

Time to run.

The End.

One response

  1. Niagara falls is coming up so quick! Hope you have a great week of training this week! The thought of a trail marathon makes me hurt, a lot–I’ll leave that to you and my man… he is also doing Segahunda next year! I volunteer to be Sherpa for you guys…

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