6 days till Niagara Falls Marathon

Training Update:

Week of Rochester Marathon: I ran 31.2 miles (includes Rochester Marathon)
4 weeks till Niagara:  I ran 26.5
3 weeks till Niagara: I ran 18.5
2 weeks till Niagara: I ran 27.5 miles

Only 6 days till Niagara Falls…

The only thing I’m worried about is how tight my calfs are. I did an 8 mile run Saturday, and immediately had sharp pains high on my left calf, almost behind my knee. But I did the run anyway to see if it would go away, and eventually it wasn’t too bad. I foam rolled and poked around at my calf after the run, found a couple good pressure points/knots. Tried to rub them out on my own, and got a little bruising. Ugh.

Game plan is to pretty much stretch and roll out my legs every night this week. Possibly fit in some yoga today or tomorrow. I can’t decide if I should try an easy run or elliptical this week?

I’m not stressing out about the Marathon, I’m gonna take this one a bit easier. I don’t want to be hitting the wall at mile 18 – I’d like to postpone that as much as possible. So I’m taking the first half much easier so that I can start to pick it up for the second half. I’m not worried about qualifying for Boston, I won’t be running it next year anyway. I’d love to be under 3:40 again, ultimate goal is still 3:35, we’ll see what happens.


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