Photos from Niagara Falls International Marathon

This is somewhere around mile 23. This is the guy that saved the race for me, we talked for a good mile then eventually I pulled away. I didn’t see him when I finished, but I would have thanked him. He was the distraction I needed to keep running the last few miles… without him, I probably would have finished 30 minutes slower.


Smiling? During a Marathon? I don’t remember this!

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I’m excited to be done with Marathons for a while. I spent the whole year pretty much “training” for Marathons… but my training would always start well, then I’d lose focus. I need a mental break from Marathons. As I’ve said, I’m hitting the trails next year… maybe all the hill work will help my endurance. Then when the right Marathon comes up – I’ll train for it and qualify for Boston!

The Dirt Cheap Stage Races are coming up this weekend. I am so excited for this… it was my favorite 2 days of racing last year. 3 races in 2 days and a total of… about 19 miles? I can’t wait!


5 responses

  1. Love all the pictures, and that headband is…well… I want one!!!

    I am so excited to see all your trail running and racing next year, I may even let you drag me on the trails a few times and show me the ropes (take it easy on me, k?)

    I may or may not spectate for part of Stage race this weekend! I’ll text you and let you know!

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