Race with grace 10k

It’s been a while, I haven’t been doing much running. The month of November I averaged 20 miles a week, which is actually better than I expected. Last week I ran the Race with Grace 10k on Thanksgiving, and made it to the gym twice. Thanksgiving and black Friday were long days – up early to race, then had to work late… then up super early for black friday to work again. I think the lack of sleep, racing in the cold, and hard gym workout Saturday pushed me over the edge… cause now Im sick. …

Anyway – about the 10k.
10k is my least favorite distance… I just can’t figure out how to race it. I ran at a comfortable fast pace until the last mile I started to pick it up. I knew I wanted to stay at 7:30 pace or below, I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel. I ran it in 45ish minutes, but I know I’m capable a 42 or 43. I’ve ran a 45 minute 10k in a half marathon… I think my PR is in a half marathon. There’s just something about the 10k…

Here’s the results:

138th overall out of 1068
19th female out of 525
5th in age group out of 65
Time: 45:42 (7:22 min/mile)
This is actually a 10k race PR for me… but my fastest 10k is still in a half-marathon.

I was waiting for them to post pictures so I could add them to my post… but no luck. So here’s one I took race morning – I decided I’d rock the Chicago Marathon Jacket.

The End.


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  1. Me too! 5k all-out or half marathon. 10k is a weird in-between distance for me. I guess it’s because 10k sits for me in the realm of ‘medium’ run so I always run them as part of my marathon training at marathon race pace, which leaves me wondering what to do in an actual 10k race. Maybe I just need to do more of them!

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