Disney Happens… Updates!

Life kinda took over the last couple weeks… and that didn’t include training. Last week Kyle and I went on vacation to Disney World, and stayed at the Polynesian Resort. A place both of us have wanted to stay for a long time. This month is also our 6 year anniversary, so we wanted to go all out for our vacation. And it was awesome! I did bring running clothes… but did I bring shoes? No…

I did get some good “time on feet” training… if that counts for anything? My feet felt like they walked a marathon our first day in the parks, since we were on our feet from 9am till about 11pm. The other two days we werent so ambishious, but still walked a ton.

So long story short… Last Saturday, Kyle proposed to me infront of the Castle in Magic Kingdom! And one of the Disney photographers captured it all 🙂

Disney is kinda our thing. We went to college together, but the first time we really hung out was when I met him under the Magic Hat in Hollywood Studios, that was in 2008. Since then we’ve been to Disney every year, and this was our 6th visit for our 6 year anniversary. Makes everything that much more special.

Here’s a pic of the ring 🙂
The inside is walnut with the coordinates to the Magic Hat burned into it. The outside is rosewood. And it’s filled with mother of pearl and sea salt. He was having this made since December! Everything about it is perfect 🙂 This was made by Simply Wood Rings

Ok so onto training… or lack of..

On the way home from Florida, sitting on the plane… I start to have a sore throat. This quickly turned into a worse sore throat, and headache… and a good old cold. Doesn’t help that our plane didn’t get us home till 2am Tuesday, and work and life would have to start again that day as well. There is no way to get a good nights sleep when you have a cold… it just sucks. It hit me hard Thursday, I had gross voice, and was getting chills, and light headed. I got home from work and went into the closet to change and ended up laying on on the floor for a bit. I couldn’t warm up, but somehow that night I felt like I got some sleep.

Now I just have some lingering sinus stuff, a cough and headache… but I managed a 10 mile run today! I have this theory that if you run long enough, or hard enough… you can sweat out a cold. It worked for me in November, and I allready feel better than I did this morning.

ok i’ve been putting this off… but here it is. My training updates for weeks 12 and 13.

Week #13 – 10.3 miles (Goal 59)
Week #12 – 12.2 miles (Goal 38)

Week #11 – 24.7 miles (Goal 56)
Week #10 – 47.1 miles (Goal 54)
Week #9 – 26.7 miles (Goal 36)
Week #8 – 48.3 miles (Goal 52)
Week #7 – 37.6 miles (Goal 49)
Week #6 – 33.5 miles (Goal 34)
Week #5 – 44.3 miles (Goal 50)
Week #4 – 32.6 miles (goal 44)
Week #3 – 37.1 miles (goal 32)
Week #2 – 44.8 (goal 46)
Week #1 – 34.5 (goal 44)

Life happens… Disney happens…  and at least I didn’t have 0 miles. That would make me pretty sad. Im glad I didn’t run in Disney, because I got to spend every minute with Kyle… and it was awesome. I have so many races coming up this month and especially next month, that a few weeks off… might not be a bad thing. Not that I’ve done a ridiculous amount of training anyway, but hopefully enough to get me by.

This week is the first Dirt Cheap Trail race, and then Saturday will be my first Muddy Sneaker trail race! I’m hoping this lingering cold stuff goes away… not the best stuff to have while running.



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  1. Congratulations! That is such a romantic setting for the proposal – very special. Love the ring – very unusually beautiful. And having the coordinates of where you met burned into it – very special indeed. I hope you have a wonderful engagement.

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