Bloody Nose and running

Has anyone ever had a bloody nose while running? or during a race?

Well last night was the first Dirt Cheap Trail race, and about half way through my nose starts running uncontrolably. I’ve had a cold for almost 2 weeks, so I just thought it was runny. Until I wiped it with my glove and there was lots of blood. Then I started coughing blood…. not pleasant.

It was frusterating, and I ran with one hand plugging my nose for the rest of the race. I was in #2 female overall spot, and had to give it up… not cool. I finished, but it was slow. It did make for a few laughs at the finish though, people thought I either fell, or got beat up on the course.

My only worry is that it will happen again on Saturday for the Muddy Sneaker Trail Race (15 miles), which I care alot more about than the dirt cheap. Any tips on preventing a bloody nose? or should I just plan on bringing tissue on the run?

Thats all. I’ll post a re-cap of the race as soon as results are posted.


One response

  1. I’m sorry to laugh, but I was just picturing that image. I get bloody noses whenever the seasons change for some reason (like I did this morning, thanks spring). I’ve never had it happen during a run though. I’d probably just let it go, I’m guessing?

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