Sehgahunda Trail Marathon

Saturday I ran my first TRAIL Marathon – Sehgahunda. I was expecting it to be the hardest race I’ve done yet.

Physically it was very hard, muddy, and check point hills were killer. I kept getting cramps in my feet, even though I was taking electrolyte tablets. I started to freak out a little bit between cp-3 and cp-4, everything was starting to hurt from the waist down. I had also taken my one and only fall in this section, it was a hard one and I lost a water bottle. The water in my hand was empty, so I had to run 4 ish miles with nothing. Thankfully a runner behind me picked up my bottle (but dumped the water :-/ ), so I still had 2 bottles for the rest of the race.

I got to the 4th checkpoint (about mile 17.5), and my friend Natalie was at this station volunteering… but I was not happy. I grabbed a coke, and started walking away… I hated the idea of sitting or taking a break during a race… but I was freaking out, and needed to gather myself. So I sat… for who knows how long, probably less than 5 minutes. And that’s all I needed. I finally grabbed some real food… (1 potato chip, and a orange slice) and another coke I think…. and continued on.

After that I started having fun again. I walked A LOT… but whatever. Some sections were just too muddy. If I tried to run I would either trip or my feet would cramp up. Any time I had to step over something, or go down hill… my feet would cramp up. I ran when I could… and walked when I had to. My goal was to finish in under 6 hours – even though I was secretly hoping I would finish closer to 5…. but quickly realized 6 was pretty accurate.

The last 3 miles were finally on a dirt road… but of course once I get to a runable section I have a side stitch. Very frustrating…. so I’d walk till it felt better, then run until it bent me over…. then walk again. ugh. My goal at this point was just to be able to run the last hill and up to the finish, and I did! With awesome high fives from the #trailsroc crew.

So overall it probably was the hardest race i’ve done… but not mentally. I will definitely do it again, and hope for less mud.

Here’s some results:

69th overall out of 164
3rd in age group out of 10 (3 of 10 dropped out)
15th female out of 42
26.3 miles in 5:50:49

It was tough – 32 people dropped out.

My garmin was a bit off. but here’s what it mapped.


ok… so this one time I accidently wore Kyle’s Brooks running shorts during a trail marathon…. and also his 2xu compression socks (not accidently). Whoops… but we both have basically the same Brooks shorts from when we ran college cross country! I didn’t find this out till that night when Kyle saw some of the pictures and asked if they were his shorts… ha.

Next race is in a couple days – the Chase Corporate Challenge. Then in a week or so I have another trail race, with another trail race a few days after that. Hoping my feet hold up!


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  1. Girl I am still amazed at all you have done lately… seriously you are a rock star. I can’t imagine doing Seg. in general let alone after your Ultra! We definitely have to plan some runs soon though, so much to catch up on!

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