First Annual Equitrails 5k

I never knew a place like the Equicenter was here in Rochester. It’s huge, and beautiful. They provide therapeutic equestrian programming, have horses and mini horses! And now aparantely have some awesome trails.

I didn’t see too many familiar faces… I can usually tell who would be in front of me, or who I would try to follow for a while. But no one was there… so I started in front, behind one other female. I haven’t ran a “cross country” style trail race since college, so I wasn’t too sure how to pace it. I stayed behind female #1 till after the first mile, then she took a wrong turn…. as I corrected her I also took the opportunity to pass her.

The course was awesome, never a dull moment. However, the grassy parts were lumpy and hard to run on. Not too many flat sections, a lot of little inclines, and a couple good hills.

I was the first female to cross the line, and for the second time ever – got to break the ribbon 🙂

Yes it was a smallish race, the only other time I came in 1st was in a small town race. But i’ll take it.

Here’s the results:

10th overall out of 134
1st female out of 87
5k time – 22:35




I took a lot of pictures of the equicenter property because it just looked awesome. I wanted to show Kyle when I got home. My thoughts were – Wedding location!? If they allow such a thing 🙂 I haven’t uploaded those pictures yet… so if your curious Im sure they have photos on their website.


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