Charlies Old Goat Trail Run and CanLakes 50

Last Saturday I ran Charlies Old Goat Trail run. I wasn’t sure what the course would be like, but expected a few tough hills. What I didn’t expect was open fields and blazing sun… ugh.

So yeah, it was a rough race. I had no energy to do hills, my legs just felt like toast… and a good chunk of it was out in the open. On a cooler day im sure I would have loved the course. I dumped water on my head twice… I never do that!

Here’s the results:

6.5ish miles – 1:03:30
68th overall out of 230
21st female out of 104
2nd in AG out of 6

To the finish!

To the finish!

In other news:
I joined the CanLakes 50 miler wait list. Why? Im not sure… maybe because I figured my chances are slim. I woke up yesterday and for some reason felt like I HAD to sign up. Before yesterday I never even gave it a thought. We will see. But now I can have something to train for… even if I don’t get in, it won’t be a bad thing to put in the miles.

Oh yeah and still a vegan. I think were going on 3 weeks? My daily energy has been good, but running Ive felt tired. But I always run after standing for 8 hours – so that probably doesn’t help.

41st on the CanLakes waitlist

41st on the CanLakes waitlist


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  1. I heard Charlies race was rough this year, I would have been throwing water on myself every chance I got. But I do that a lot anyways, it really does help cool you down! Yay for getting on the wait list, I hope you get in. I had a smalllllllll desire to try and get on the 50k list, but then decided not to. Maybe next year I’ll do my first ultra?

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