0SPF trail half-marathon

Saturday I ran 0SPF – Trail half marathon. It was also part of the Trail Runner of the Year series, as well as being the USATF Niagara Regional Trail Championship

I ran a preview run of the entire course a month or so before, so I knew what I was in for. The course is no joke. I thought I was starting out easy – I stuck with my friend Liz for the first couple miles, it felt like an easy pace. She eventually started pulling away as I was getting drained by those hills. My legs felt like they had nothing… and it was only mile 3! Also… I don’t know what was wrong with me because I constantly felt thirsty, I probably refilled my hand held sprint bottle 6 times?? I have never drank that much during a race! well… unless it was Mind the Ducks, I drank a lot during the 12 hour too.

I also was starting to cramp in my calfs early on, somewhere around 30 minutes into the race. I duck taped a baggy of endurolytes to my water bottle just incase – Im glad I did. When I started to get side stitches and kept feeling twinges in my calf and finally took one. Shortly after my legs felt better, no more side stitch… those things are awesome.

This was an out and back race, and those middle miles were definately the hardest. As you can see…

2nd time up chair hill.

2nd time up chair hill.

After the turn around, my feet and ankles were cramping… aparently electrolytes don’t help me completely.

I walked a ton of the uphills, probably most of them. I guess that’s what I get for never running hills.

There were definitely some sections where I could let loose and run, and it was nice to feel like I had some energy.

I had no disasters!! Nothing. Not even a fall. Finally. Just a super hard race!

Here’s the results:

I was 57th overall out of 141
15th female out of 58
6th in age group out of 12
13.3 miles (according to my Garmin) – in 2:36:01

There were A LOT of competetive runners there. The 1st place male finished in 1:36:25 …. 1 hour faster than my finish time! Previous course record was 1:52:23. CRAZY!

This was an awesome race, didn’t go smoothly – but what hard race does? Im adding this to my list of races that I will be doing again, and actually train for. #Trailsroc did an amazing job. I never once had to question whether I was on the right trail or not – they put a lot of thought into marking the trails, and roping off sections. Also whenever I ran out of water there seemed to be a water refill station right away – awesome planning. Also Im pretty sure no one got ran over – volunteers got everyone across some busy roads!

I ended up purchasing an officiall #Trailsroc shirt – which I may rep. during EVL9 next weekend at Holiday Valley. This will be my 2nd Eastern Grip race. I have no idea what to expect…. I keep thinking phhh, only 9 miles. But… how much of it is UP a mountain? Im not so good at the up part. Should be interesting.

Photo by IAMLESHER http://www.iamlesher.com/

Photo by IAMLESHER http://www.iamlesher.com/

Photo by IAMLESHER http://www.iamlesher.com

Photo by IAMLESHER http://www.iamlesher.com



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  1. They took some awesome photos you are in, nice work girl! Good job pushing through, your strength and endurnace on trails always amazes me. We have to run soon, would you be interested in running some trail miles with me? I’d like to start doing trails once a week or so but need someone to run with who knows what they are doing, I’m such a trail newbie! lol 🙂

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