EVL-9 Trail Race

Sunday I ran the Evl-9 trail race in Ellicottville, NY. It was held at Holiday Valley Ski Resort. I was expecting a torturous climb and a hard race – but it was all completely runnable! It was challenging, but just enough to still be fun.

We started out on a gravel road, and ran about 2ish miles up the mountain on a gradual incline. Then we ducked into the woods, onto the funnest single track I’ve ran yet. One of those races where you can just let loose – you feel like your going too fast, but it’s just the down hill momentum. There were still a couple up hills, but knowing that eventually you have to run DOWN to finish kept me going. Super fun race. Im thinking I’ll be running even more Eastern Grip races – next one is Dam Good, at Letchworth. Then 8 in the Rough. Here’s a video of the start – It was recorded by remote helicopter of some kind.

Here’s my results:

39th overall out of 131
7th female overall
4th in age group
9ish miles in 1:22:40

The End.


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