Ultra training – round 2

Just about 9 weeks till CanLakes 50 – and I am now #14 on the waitlist….

Which made this week my first official week of training. I think a shorter training period will be better for me, as I usually fall off the horse after 8ish weeks… so this is perfect! Planning on my first long run this morning – 2.5 to 3 hours… luckily I have a friend on the waitlist too and will be crashing many of his training runs. I have no training plan of my own… I never end up following them. I just plan on running more… and running with people…

In other news… we’ve aquired a house. And will be moving in a few weeks.

The end.


2 responses

  1. What are the odds you get in (I’m not sure how fast that wait list goes)? Just curious, I’d hate to put in all that work and not race! We should compare schedules and try and get a run in soon, it’s been way too long! Congrats on the house, where will you be living?

    • Odds seem pretty good, Im thinking it won’t be much longer until I get in. Were moving to Irondequoit. I don’t have much of a running schedule… kinda winging this one, haha. I am mooching off of other peoples long runs tho, so I would gladly join you on one of yours!

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