Countdown to CanLakes50

I think it’s 9 days until I take on the 50 miler around Canandaigua Lake.

It’s coming up fast… but Id rather it be sooner than later. I feel like i’ve done everything I could for this round of training. Even though compared to most of the other runners, my training was probably nothing. Since I never posted updates on my training – here’s a little recap:

Week 1 (started at the end of July) – 29.3 miles
Week 2 – 35.1 miles
Week 3 – 43.6 miles
Week 4 – 15.6 miles
Week 5 – 18.5 miles
Week 6 – 47 miles
Week 7 – 43.8 miles
Week 8 – 35.7 miles
Week 9 – 44 miles

Weeks 4 and 5 suffered a bit from moving. These last two weeks will be nothing special. But I ended up doing 3 preview runs on the course, I know what to expect for the 1st 15 miles and the last 15 miles…. that middle 20 though… no idea.

My training wouldn’t have been nearly as good without running with a couple of friends also training for the race. We did a few weekends at Bristol doing giant hill repeats, and 3 weekends running the course in Canandaigua. Even helped an aid station at the Virgil Crest Ultras and got a run in there. If I do well at all at this race – it will be because of who I trained with.

I’ll do a post about the course, and my game plan later. CanLakes is all I have on my mind recently… im terrified.

The end.


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